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          applications more

          • Bitumen modification use APAO
          • Hot melt adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive use APAO
          • Sealing material use APAO
          • Polymer modification use APAO


          The 10th anniversary celebration of QIDA, 10-year Journey of APAO made-in-China.
          [ 2012-09-08 ]

              Liaoyang Liaohuan Qida Chemicals Co., Ltd. successfully held the 10th anniversary celebration of foundation with the theme of QIDA’s 10 years on Aug 22nd, 2012. Ten years ago, the construction of QIDA’s new plant started in the industry Zone of Petro China Liaoyang branch, and also from which QIDA obtains the ample supply of high quality olefins. Thanks to all these convenience, and with its own technology and know-how, QIDA successfully developed the APAO products which have been widely used abroad in hotmelt, sealant, plastic&rubber modification industries for more than 20 years. Although left behind by the forgeign competitors for over 20 years, QIDA still firmly believes that with continuous innovation, we still have chance to go further.

              The founders of QIDA, who are also the pioneers of China-made APAO, were invited to attend the celebration and they recalled and shared their good and hard time during the foundation days of the company. After summarizing the past and the current development status, the new leader team spoke glowingly of their new ideas and management concepts, and also expressed their resolve to lead staff to start their second sailing. The backbone employees expressed their desire to grow up together with QIDA. The celebration was going on in a warm atmosphere.

              Now, bearing QIDA Principles in minds, all the QIDA people are looking forward to a better next 10 years, 20 years...! Wish a good luck to QIDA, and wish a good luck to APAO made-in-China.

          QIDA Principles
          A:To be Accurate in production
          P:To be Professional in allround management
          A:To be Active in style of work
          O:To be Optimistic in thinking