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          applications more

          • Bitumen modification use APAO
          • Hot melt adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive use APAO
          • Sealing material use APAO
          • Polymer modification use APAO


          Groundbreaking ceremony for QIDA Chemicals expansion project ended successfully
          [ 2016-8-05 ]


              At 8:58 on June 28, 2016, a grand foundation ceremony was held on the spot for the new production unit of QIDA. All relevant departments attended the event. The ceremony was presided over by the general manager Dr. Fang. At the ceremony, the company leadership reported the company’s new project construction. Chairman Yang gave an important speech and made good wishes for the company’s new project.

              March 2003, QIDA Chemicals APAO production plant started running, after ten years of unremitting efforts, QIDA people have successfully made QIDA®APAO a good brand, and the products have been highly recognized in various industries like waterproofing, sealants, adhesives and so on. After the completion of the new project, the environment of the plant will be greatly improved and the capacity will be further increased. We QIDA people bless and expect a bright and promising future for QIDA!