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          applications more

          • Bitumen modification use APAO
          • Hot melt adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive use APAO
          • Sealing material use APAO
          • Polymer modification use APAO


          Liaoyang?Liaohua?QIDA?Chemicals Co., Ltd. was Awarded the Honorary Title of Advanced Enterprises in Technological Innovation
          [ 2016-8-05 ]



              In July 25, Liaoyang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee held a “High-Tech Zone Science and Technology Innovation Conference”, Liaoning provincial science and technology department deputy director Zhao Jinghai, Deputy Mayor of Liaoyang Lvyou Hong, grand district secretary Dan Guiyu, grand district mayor Duan Yanling, Liaoyang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Song Huayun, attended the meeting. Liaoyang Liaohua QIDA Chemicals Co., Ltd. by virtue of outstanding scientific and technological innovation, has been awarded the “advanced scientific and technological innovation enterprise”. General manager Dr Fang, for his outstanding personal ability in work, was awarded the “outstanding talent title”.

              The advanced scientific and technological innovation enterprises were selected mainly according to the R&D investment, sales of proprietary products, patents, science and technology awards, research cooperation and technology transfer and other indicators to assess. QIDA, for more than ten years, has been always adhering to scientific and technological innovation in product development and market development. This award is the best recognition for QIDA’s past and also an encouragement for our future. It will become a spur for QIDA to hold on and boost the company to actively carry out product and technology development, and continuously improve the core business of competitiveness.