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          applications more

          • Bitumen modification use APAO
          • Hot melt adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive use APAO
          • Sealing material use APAO
          • Polymer modification use APAO


          Warm Congratulations to?Liaoyang?Liaohua?QIDA?Chemicals Co., Ltd.?was Awarded the “AA Grade Supplier of 2014”
          [ 2015-07-29 ]


                In January 24, 2015, Liaoyang  Liaohua QIDA Chemicals Co., Ltd. was awarded the “AA Grade Supplier of 2014” by Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. .
                Oriental Yuhong, China’s first public company in waterproofing industry, is the industry’s undisputed leader, the national high-tech enterprises. QIDA Chemicals & Oriental Yuhong group have been cooperated for more than 10 years based on a strategic partnership of mutual trust and benefit. This award is the reflection of the excellent corporative relations between these partners. QIDA would like to thank very much for Yuhong’s recognition. We would keep working together in the future and we firmly believe that QIDA will be in support of our partners towards a better tomorrow. We sincerely hope QIDA’s APAO products can contribute to the waterproofing industry of China.